From January to March 2020 I was as an artist in residence at John Chilton, an SEND school in Ealing, commissioned by the ​House of Illustration. I worked with students across the school from reception to sixth form, in the pathway with the most complex needs. During this residency I developed a range of accessible sensory workshops, adaptable to different age groups and abilities. We explored texture, line, colour and movement through sensory play, large scale drawing, plasticine modelling, collage, kinetic sculptures and lots of dancing. I put this work together, including a soundtrack composed especially by the students, into an animated portrait of the school

Students in this pathway are often left behind in school programming because they have the most complex needs, so it was really exciting to be able to centre their voices in this project.

Read my interview about the project here.

"It’s such an incredible piece of work, you did a superb job and I really look forward to working with you again when such things are possible." Emily Jost (Head of Education, House of Illustration)

"Lily has been incredible, a joy to work with. The project has been wonderful around school with the music department getting involved and the blue pathways really getting a chance to shine." Josie Farrington (Head of sixthform at John Chilton School)

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