A collaboration with the Ministry of Stories on the Anemotions project, a series of animated stories about our feelings, big and little.

The children I worked with made up a story called Feel Outside the Box, which is about a little girl who has been put in a box to protect her from all the dangers of the outside world. But she gets bored and dreams of escaping. When a door finally opens to the outside world she is initially overwhelmed but she finds a friend and learns what it means to "feel outside of the box".

Together we worked to pare it down into something that could fit into a minute of animation and we made a storyboard and wrote a script together. They designed the characters: drawing each one from different angles and and with the various facial expressions they wanted me to use while animating. They also drew some of the backgrounds and props for the final piece. Then they recorded the script and I got started on the animation using their designs. We had some pretty good discussions about our own feelings along the way.

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