A commission from The Albany, a neighbourhood arts centre, to document a series of dance workshops for the residents at an assisted living facility in Lewisham. The film is made up of observational drawings that I made during the sessions, and conversations I had with the older residents about their experiences of dancing throughout their lives.

The project culminated in an exhbition at the Deptford Lounge, here are some of my sketches.

Lily took on the challenging dual role of Artist Support/ Artist Documenter for one of our four Lewisham Homes projects, working with older people for 12 weeks in a residential home. They proved to be a highly valued and reliable member of the team, bringing a creative energy to the sessions and engaging the residents with their approachable manner and artistic skills. As a documenter they produced some very accomplished drawings and animations,
We would highly recommend Lily in this line of work and hope to work with them again in the future

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