Lily Ash Sakula is a trans non-binary artist, animator and educator living in Deptford, London.  

They make collaborative animated films that seek to link different generations and communities, creating spaces in which they take their lead from participants’ ideas and processes.

They want to create imaginative space for a world without borders, without prisons, without gender. Stories are essential to creating better futures, because they let us imagine new ones: we can only create what, first, we can imagine.

Lily runs participatory projects in schools, museums, galleries and theatres working with a wide range of ages and backgrounds. Recent partners have included: Meet me at the Albany, Camden Arts Centre, House of Illustration, Alexandra Palace, Create, Carers Lewisham, John Chilton School, Galop, Queer Youth Art Collective, Project Indigo and Ministry of Stories.

Lily is interested in capturing joy and freedom through movement, creating magical spaces in which social norms can be broken, and seek through their work to be an active practitioner of radical hope. 

Instagram: @lashesofsakula
Vimeo: lilyashsakula